contemporary rectangular dining table

How to Create a Functional Dining Room That Reflects Elegance and Style

Every room in a stylish and functional house should be designed to deliver function and elegance, while at the same time contributing to a more homey and inviting living space. As the main hubs of activity in the modern home the living room and kitchen get the most attention when planning the interior design of the house. However, other rooms can be equally as important in terms of both aesthetics and function. One such area that can have a major influence on the look and feel of the home is the dining room. It can be the ideal place for spending memorable moments with family and friends, all while enjoying in delicious meals. Your dining room can indeed serve both a practical and beautifying purpose, when designed right that is.

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Candle Holders – Charming Details That Work Double-Duty

No romantic dinner, holiday meal or winter night is complete without candlelight. Candles have the power to transform any cold room into a warm one; when you light a candle and a nice fragrance arises, an alluring scene is instantly set. Putt a little effort in your candle holders selections, and the effect can be even more impressive. Continue reading

corner lounge suites

Don’t Get Cornered by The Choices – A Guide to Choosing a Corner Sofa

Buying a new corner sofa for your living room can be difficult, especially if you are not sure what you want. Differing in materials, size, colour, and height, there is a large number of sofas available on the market, so considering all of the options is the right thing to do. Since the sofa is one of the home’s most integral pieces of furniture we have decided to help you make the right choice with this simple guide.

Generally speaking, most corner sofas are L-shaped which means that the one edge is shorter than the other, however, you can also choose one with equal side lengths. Regardless of its type, a corner sofa provides an inviting, comfy seating area and its greatest advantage is that it offers a greater seating room in a smaller space. When it comes to buying one the first things you need to consider is the available space in your home as well as the material and its colour. Just like any other furniture seating solution, corner sofas come in many different materials like leather, PU leather, and fabric, and all of them differ mainly in durability. For example, if you have little children or pets at home, you will have to choose something more durable and easy to clean like leather or PU leather. Even though there is a range of children friendly fabrics available on the market, the leather is the easiest to clean.
corner lounge suites
One of the most sought-after and appealing types of sofas are the corner lounge suites. They are more than just a sofa since usually these corner lounge suites are ideal for lounging after a long hard and busy work day. A lounge corner sofa is the ideal place where you can have a little “me time” while reading a book, drinking a glass of wine or while lounging with your friends or family. The key to finding the right one is to choose a quality, sturdy and modern looking corner lounge sofa that will enhance your living space while providing you with utmost comfort.
You can also choose a reclining corner sofa, that has one or more sections that fold out into a reclining chair with several reclining positions. Whichever type you choose, do not forget to consider whether you want a left or right hand corner sofa, since you don’t want to give a lot of money on a sofa that has the wrong hand corner.

Simply put, whether you use it for reading or just for lounging one thing is certain, you need to find a reliable store that can provide you with the highest quality corner sofa that will meet your personal needs and style.

Bedroom Suite

Designer Tips for Creating the Perfect Bedroom

Everyone needs a nice space in which they can relax and get a good night’s sleep. However creating a bedroom suite with all the elements necessary to turn a sleep space into a cozy, indulgent and serene sanctuary is not always an easy task.

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How to Refresh the Look of Your Living Room

As the main gathering spot where family members gather to spent quality time together and relax, the living room is the heart of the home and as such it should reflect a pleasant and inviting ambience. While any living room in an urban home should be designed to deliver comfort and function, that alone is not enough to give the space a unique and elegant look, synonymous of expertly designed living space in grand stylish mansions and houses. The truth is that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in interior design to transform the look of your living room form bland and plain to chic and sophisticated. Continue reading

6 Person Hot Tub: A Great Way to Bond with Family and Friends

The blooming nature and the warmer whether are clear indicators that spring has began its glorious reign over the Australian continent. The lovely weather means it’s time to trade cosy moments spent warning up beside the fire for fun times devoted to enjoying all the beauties of the blooming season. It’s the perfect time to spend more time outside in your garden or backyard and relax with family and friends. However, during winter many of us tend to neglect out backyards, so when the time has come to extend the living space to the outdoors of the house we are greeted by a dirty and messy backyard.

One can’t really experience the beauty of spring lounging in a messy outdoor space that is cluttered with all sorts of bits and pieces that are no longer useful around the house. You would want a well-designed and functional backyard where you can welcome your guests in style and enjoy some quality time with your family. Getting rid of all the unnecessary items that create clutter is the first step to improving the look and feel of your outdoors. You would also want to trim any large bushes and tree branches that make the space look like a wild jungle rather than a lush green retreat. To create a wonderful area for outdoor lounging opt for cosy and durable furniture in the form of outdoor sofas, recliners and chairs.

The most important step to creating your own outdoor oasis is to give your backyard a focal point that will add both elegance and function to the space. With its stylish design and advanced features, a large 6 person hot tub can be ideal for this purpose. By combining the features of a swimming pool and a spa, this advanced hot tub is designed to provide relaxation and entertainment for the whole family. It features 6 hydrotherapy seats, each designed to deliver a variety of massage effects. Hot tubs are known for their amazing ability to provide a soothing hydrotherapy treatment that can have many positive effects on both your physical and mental wellbeing. This treatment is based on the use of hot water as a healing agent that delivers wellness and relaxation.

The soothing massages produced by hot tubs along with the effects of the hot water can alleviate sore muscles and joints, reduce back pain, relieve stress and stimulate blood flow. Therefore, installing a 6 person hot tub in your backyard is a great way to create a relaxing environment where you can spend some relaxing and joyous moments with your family, all while reaping al the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy. Having a pampering spa treatment in the hot tub can be the perfect opportunity for some family bonding time. You can also use your hot tub for entrainment purposes during backyard parties with friends. Let joy, fun and relaxation take over your outdoors!