Best Way To Decorate Your Home With Gold

If we were to take a tour in history of home designs, we would see that gold decor has always been popular. It symbolizes wealth and glamor and adds charm and sophistication to any room. Whether you paint walls gold or embellish them with golden wallpaper or just add few gold accessories, gold will always remain a timeless detail. You can include gold elements throughout the house, like gold ceramic and wrought items, but make sure you do it in moderation.


Try a combination of gold and bronze or mix gold with black and white details. Decide which undertones of gold will best suit your home and personal style and decorate the remaining space with subtle earth tones to highlight golden details. Make sure everything screams sophistication, because you surely do not want your home to look like a candy store. For example, incorporating few antique pieces will certainly add style to your home. You can either visit flea markets, French antique shops or shop for antiques online. You will certainly find an accent chair with gold details or an antique mirror with handmade golden frame.

Mirrors always give a good touch to any room. When antique shopping online, if you cannot find a big mirror with a classic design, purchase few small ones. If you cannot find any eye-catching antiques online, visit French antique shop as such stores can even custom make antique furniture and accessories and you will have your own extraordinary antique piece. Antique furniture will always be trendy, so do not be afraid to mix and match and take your antique shopping a step further. Do not focus on big furniture pieces only, since any golden antique detail will make your home super classy. A small side table, antique commode with a gold finish, antique table lamp or antique clock, music box, typewriter, telephone or a jewelry box will add style to any room. Remember, when decorating with antiques, even the most unexpected corners of your home can become areas loaded with style and luxury, if you choose the right golden elements.


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