Decorate Your Home with French Antique Mirrors

French Antique Mirror

If you are a fan of the 19 century antique mirror, then you definitely speak the language of the aristocrats and nobles. Nowadays people don’t get the true value of owning a beautiful antique mirror that was only fit for kings in the past. French antique mirrors are worth its weight in gold and are the most precious piece that will give an opulent look to your home. With its ornate frames and dark edges French antique mirrors will instantly add glamor to your space. French antique mirrors are not only a great artistry that is used to decorate the room, but also opens up small and cramped rooms making them look larger than the original size. Give your room that traditional, mysterious and antique-looking touch by placing a nice antique mirror that matches the rest of the furniture. If you want to go out of the box and create more modern look, then match the antique mirror that will give a striking accent to a contemporary room. Mixing traditional with modern is the safest bet nowadays, that gives your room that elegant and unique touch all people go for.

In contemporary interiors, going for the opposite is perfectly okay, so instead matching mirrors with the bedroom sets, tables, walls do the opposite and mix contemporary mirror with traditional furniture and vise verse to give your room a sleek and streamlined look. Mirrors complement the pieces of furniture help balance the scene. These days, antique mirrors are commonly used to complement the dinning areas or hang it above the mantel to match the style and decorate the room. However, make sure you buy the proper frame size since it should not be wider than the furniture below. Placing French antique mirrors against a dark wall will instantly make the room brighter since the reflection of the wall will do the magic. Don’t be afraid to use big antique mirrors in a small room, add some drama in your home by hanging the mirror alone or with furniture beneath. Those people who have a keen eye for beauty will instantly recognize the allure of the French antique mirrors. Beside the functionality, antique mirrors inspire creative design ideas to make your house eclectic and chic. Owning French antique mirrors does not significantly mean spending wealth on it, if you truly adore the idea of owning one you can search for yard and garage sales, online vendors or thrift shops that sell these mirrors for lower price.


How to Clean and Care for Your Furniture – Part 2

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Clean furniture 2

Vacuum – Vacuum your furniture weekly for general upholstery cleaning and surface soil removal. This will also help you avoid dirt from becoming ingrained into the fibers of your furniture. To whisk the dirt away you can use brush, but make sure it’s a soft one so you do not snag the fabric.

Spot Clean – Aside you make a regular upholstery cleaning, accidents will happen. If you accidentally spill something don’t panic. Take folded towel and blot the spill quickly but gently. Sometimes this method is enough to get rid of the stain, especially if the fabric of your furniture has been treated with a protector. Before you use any product for spot cleaning, test it in an unnoticeable area and check the instructions to see if you need a solvent based or water based cleaner. Mild products for cleaning are the best choice to use. You should apply it with a soft brush making circular motion so the cleaner can work into the fibers. After the furniture is completely dry then you can vacuum.

Avoid Pollutants And Sunlight – Pollutants such as smoke from cigarettes or fumes from cooking can harm your fabric furniture. It is not always easy to avoid that to happen, but appropriate ventilation can be helpful. Too much sun can also damage your upholstery fabric furniture, causing it to fray and fade, so try to find place where your piece of furniture will not be exposed directly to the sun.

Call A Professional – Even if you make a regular upholstery cleaning, it’s best to use professional upholstery cleaning services every couple of years or so. These companies have specialized equipment to treat any kind of stain, spill and dirt. They have a professional team that make thorough cleaning of any kind of fabric types, even the most delicate. Experts recommend to have this professional services on a regular basis and not to wait for dirty to become visible. The dirtier a chair or sofa becomes, the harder it’s to restore its original shine.

How to Clean and Care for Your Furniture – Part 1

Keeping your furniture clean will not only make it look as good as new, but it will also increase the longevity of the material from which is made. Stains, spills and normal wear and tear can leave your upholstery furniture looking less than new and fresh. The question is, should you clean the furniture yourself or the easier way is to use professional upholstery cleaning services? Many companies provide professional upholstery cleaning, but fact is that there are many stains and spots that can be treated at home. When you have knowledge how to care and clean your furniture, it will keep the look that made you fall in love with, when you decided to buy this piece of furniture for your living space. With appropriate care, maintenance and upholstery cleaning, the chances that you will give the best look to your furniture for a long time are very high. It is not hard thing to do, but is necessary for your own good.

Clean Furniture

Choose the Right Fabric – If you choose the right fabric for you furniture you will make your upholstery cleaning task much easier. When you are looking for furniture make sure you choose fabric that fits with your lifestyle and other upholstery furniture.

Protect Fabric – The best form to protect the fabric is early attention to spills. A lot of work is done in final manufactured process at the factory because the furniture is usually treated with water repellents and/or soil and also, may be used some form of mildew inhibitors too. Fabric protectors can be applied to your furniture in the store or at your home. While this solution can help you with care and maintenance by keeping spills from being absorbed directly into the fibers, it’s not alternative for efficient upholstery cleaning of dirty piece. Always clean up the stains or spills in a timely manner and follow professional instructions for proper care and upholstery cleaning.

Flip the Pillows – You can prolong your furniture’s life by regularly turning over the pillows. This easy method allows allocation of wear and tear so, your pillows would not develop indentations. You can keep pillows in shape by fluffing them after you have cleaned. From time to time change the pillows from one side to the other. Pillows from some seats are more used then others, so in that way you should change them more often.

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Things You Need to Know about Antiques Restoration

For most people, possessing a piece of antique furniture helps make them feel special, in some way rich and close to a loved person. Owning antique piece or furniture besides that can give you a special touch to your home, they can be very valuable especially if they are very old or have monetary value. Most people believe that antiques and antique furniture shouldn’t be refinished because on that way their value will be ruined. But this is not true. The best you can do for your antique piece is to maintain it and take good care of it. You can maintain it by yourself or you can hire a professional company offering special antique restoration and refinishing services. However, if you have an antique piece at home, you need to be aware of some things before you do an antique restoration or antique refinishing.

Antique Restoration

Antique restoration means returning the object to its original and usable condition. Wood furniture can include removing an improper finish and replacing it with new one according to its age and usage. In other words, replacing the old wood finish with new one is called antique refinishing. Antique restoration means a lot more than just refinishing. The antique restorer process includes replacing missing or broken elements of the antique like, missing doors, feet, trim pieces, drawers or any other original part. The other repairs that are included in the antique restorer process are restoration of cracks, marks, damaged and loose veneers, splits, worn drawer slides or any other visible damages like wear or tear that comes from use or abuse. On the other hand, restoration can simply include minor touch-ups, cleaning, applying a new coat of finish or paste wax, or in other words restoration means taking whatever it takes i.e. returning the antique piece to its original condition. Replacing the old finish with a new one is just a step of the antique restorer process.

So, what is the best to do? Antique restoration or antique refinishing?

Every antique restoration process has a starting point. So, the first thing you need to do is to evaluate the condition of your antique piece and based on the conclusions make the necessary step – refinishing or restoring. The next thing you need to find out is the age of your antique/s. Every antique piece has history behind, so find out the age before starting your refinishing or restoring process. The Grandma’s antiques or the ones bought from yard sale are the ones that are really valuable with its finish or paint, even if it does not look like it is in a good condition. If you do not know how to evaluate the antiques age, go to your closest antique shop or hire a special antique restoration company. Their professional and skilled team will discover the antiques age and will tell what you need, refinishing or antique restoration.

Use Professional Cleaning services for the Upholstery Items in Your Home

Tired of vacuuming and cleaning each and every day with no visible results at the end. No matter how hard you try, the carpet never gets its original appearance since all the dirt took its tall over the years. Your carpet gets dirty from all the spills, animal hair and filthy shoes over time that a professional carpet cleaning is a must. Not only for the carpet but you will also need professional services for the upholstery items that get covered with dirt and dust that diminishes the beauty of the items and make them look old and worn out. If you want to extend the lifespan of your upholstery and bring back the life of it, hire cleaning services such as leather cleaning, couch steam cleaning and fabric cleaning that will make your upholstery fresh and clean.

Upholstery items in home

One of the reasons why you should use professional cleaning services is to save money. If you hire a quality fabric cleaning and leather cleaning services you will save yourself the trouble of buying new upholstery items since the old ones look dull and unkempt. Hiring a team of accredited professionals will be a perfect idea to have your house 100% clean from all the germs, mold and dirt that has been accumulated over the years. It might cost you a little bit more to hire couch steam cleaning, leather cleaning or furniture cleaning but at least you will save the upholstery items for another few years. Find a good carpet and upholstery cleaning company that provides professional cleaning with quality steam cleaning machines that will make your home beautiful again. All the dirt that has been covering the upholstery items can be number one culprit for allergies, therefore hiring leather cleaning, fabric cleaning and couch steam cleaning services would be recommendable in order to prevent any further health problems.