Decorate Your Home with French Antique Mirrors

French Antique Mirror

If you are a fan of the 19 century antique mirror, then you definitely speak the language of the aristocrats and nobles. Nowadays people don’t get the true value of owning a beautiful antique mirror that was only fit for kings in the past. French antique mirrors are worth its weight in gold and are the most precious piece that will give an opulent look to your home. With its ornate frames and dark edges French antique mirrors will instantly add glamor to your space. French antique mirrors are not only a great artistry that is used to decorate the room, but also opens up small and cramped rooms making them look larger than the original size. Give your room that traditional, mysterious and antique-looking touch by placing a nice antique mirror that matches the rest of the furniture. If you want to go out of the box and create more modern look, then match the antique mirror that will give a striking accent to a contemporary room. Mixing traditional with modern is the safest bet nowadays, that gives your room that elegant and unique touch all people go for.

In contemporary interiors, going for the opposite is perfectly okay, so instead matching mirrors with the bedroom sets, tables, walls do the opposite and mix contemporary mirror with traditional furniture and vise verse to give your room a sleek and streamlined look. Mirrors complement the pieces of furniture help balance the scene. These days, antique mirrors are commonly used to complement the dinning areas or hang it above the mantel to match the style and decorate the room. However, make sure you buy the proper frame size since it should not be wider than the furniture below. Placing French antique mirrors against a dark wall will instantly make the room brighter since the reflection of the wall will do the magic. Don’t be afraid to use big antique mirrors in a small room, add some drama in your home by hanging the mirror alone or with furniture beneath. Those people who have a keen eye for beauty will instantly recognize the allure of the French antique mirrors. Beside the functionality, antique mirrors inspire creative design ideas to make your house eclectic and chic. Owning French antique mirrors does not significantly mean spending wealth on it, if you truly adore the idea of owning one you can search for yard and garage sales, online vendors or thrift shops that sell these mirrors for lower price.


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