How to Clean and Care for Your Furniture – Part 2

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Clean furniture 2

Vacuum – Vacuum your furniture weekly for general upholstery cleaning and surface soil removal. This will also help you avoid dirt from becoming ingrained into the fibers of your furniture. To whisk the dirt away you can use brush, but make sure it’s a soft one so you do not snag the fabric.

Spot Clean – Aside you make a regular upholstery cleaning, accidents will happen. If you accidentally spill something don’t panic. Take folded towel and blot the spill quickly but gently. Sometimes this method is enough to get rid of the stain, especially if the fabric of your furniture has been treated with a protector. Before you use any product for spot cleaning, test it in an unnoticeable area and check the instructions to see if you need a solvent based or water based cleaner. Mild products for cleaning are the best choice to use. You should apply it with a soft brush making circular motion so the cleaner can work into the fibers. After the furniture is completely dry then you can vacuum.

Avoid Pollutants And Sunlight – Pollutants such as smoke from cigarettes or fumes from cooking can harm your fabric furniture. It is not always easy to avoid that to happen, but appropriate ventilation can be helpful. Too much sun can also damage your upholstery fabric furniture, causing it to fray and fade, so try to find place where your piece of furniture will not be exposed directly to the sun.

Call A Professional – Even if you make a regular upholstery cleaning, it’s best to use professional upholstery cleaning services every couple of years or so. These companies have specialized equipment to treat any kind of stain, spill and dirt. They have a professional team that make thorough cleaning of any kind of fabric types, even the most delicate. Experts recommend to have this professional services on a regular basis and not to wait for dirty to become visible. The dirtier a chair or sofa becomes, the harder it’s to restore its original shine.


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