Maxwell Williams Kimono Dinner Set: A Forefront Of Design Trends

The way you set your table tells a lot about your personality. Moreover, the way you serve the food, makes a change in the way you feel when having dinner. You don’t need much to create a pleasant dinning environment – a smooth lighting, nice tablecloth and a unique dinnerware set is all you need. And speaking of uniqueness, Maxwell Williams Kimono dinner set will instantly change the dull look of your table.

Why Maxwell Williams Kimono Dinner Set?

Maxwell Williams Kimono Dinner Set

The combination of Japanese-inspired floral pattern and best-quality bone China porcelain is what ensures that the Maxwell Williams Kimono dinner set is at the forefront of design trends in kitchenware sphere. Simply put, with this dinner set you get style and functionality in one.

The exceptional style featuring the appeal of the Orient and the compact contemporary design are the two main characteristics that make this dinnerware set perfect for every kitchen. The vibrant notes of the colourful floral pattern will for sure revive the look of your table. This dinner set will complement and enhance your tabletop regardless the occasion you are using it for. This said you can enjoy its magnificent appeal for everyday use and for special occasions as well.

The Maxwell Williams Kimono dinner set is made of high-quality bone china. This is what ensures its durability and usage for many years to come. Feel free to use the set every day. No matter how often you put the plates in use, you don’t have to worry that they will break easily.

Unlike most of the good-appealing sets that require special care and maintenance, the Maxwell Williams Kimono dinner set is super-easy for using and cleaning. It is microwave safe, meaning that you can use it for preheating your meal in the plate before eating. Moreover, you don’t have to spend additional time to wash the plates by hand. Just put them in the dish washing machine and take them out when clean.

In summary, for restaurant-style dinning moments, do not hesitate to enrich you collection of dinnerware sets with the beautiful but yet elegant dinnerware set made by the favourite Australian homeware brand Maxwell & Williams.


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