Is Art Really The Emotional Expression Of Human Personality?

The connection between art and emotion has been the subject of a lot of studies conducted all around the world. Poems, prints and all other forms of art must move us, but there is a common doubt, whose emotions are involved, the reader’s or the poet’s? The emotional responses to art have been previously considered as basic response, but the latest theories suggest that the emotions and experiences are more complex and require more research. The humans’ emotional responses are often considered as base of experiencing art, whether it is prints, craft, design, poems, photography, drawings, paintings, sculptures or other. Continue reading


Small Kitchen Appliances: Convenient Helpers That Save Kitchen Space

To fit everyone’s budget, modern apartments are getting smaller and smaller. Hence, people are constantly looking for effective ways to save space. Usually the kitchen of these apartments is the room in which storage is really a problem. Small kitchen appliances can be a great solution that.

Convection Oven

If you don’t have space for a full-size oven or even for an apartment oven model, a convection oven may be your way to go. Continue reading