Choosing the Right LED Colour Temperature

Adding a led lighting for the home spaces is the best way to create intimate, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. However, choosing a led lighting for the home and achieving the desired lighting effect is not that simple, because the Led lights differ in many segments among which the most important is the colour temperature. Hence to create the lighting effect you want for your living room or bedroom, the first thing that you need to do is to learn how to distinguish among and choose the proper Led colour temperature.

What is Colour Temperature?

Unless you are an interior designer or lighting specialist, you haven’t heard this term before, or you may have heard about it, but you don’t know what exactly this term stands for. Simply said, a colour temperature is a term that describes the colour (more specifically the coolness or warmth) of the light that LED lights emit. The colour temperature of the light depends on the heating of the metal parts inside the light bulb. Thus, the yellowish to red lighting colours are considered to be warm lights while the green to blue colours are known as cool.


Why’s It Important To Choose The Right Colour Temperature?

The colour temperature of the LED lighting for the home setting is more important than you thought. In fact, the colour temperature has a big impact on the overall mood in space. For example, with warmer colour temperatures you can create more intimate, relaxing atmosphere, whilst the cooler colour temperatures will help you create more bright and airy atmosphere. Hence, you should never overlook the importance of choosing the right LED lighting for the home.


How to choose the colour temperature for Led Lighting For The Home

Choosing between warmer or cooler colour temperature is a choice of personal preference. It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create in a specific room in your home or in your office. However, most interior designers recommend the warm to warm white colour temperature for the spaces where you spend most of your time during the day or the night such as the living room and the bedroom. On the other side the cooler led lighting for the home works best for spaces such as the bathroom, the kitchen and the office. However, if you are creative enough you can mix warmer and cooler lights to create your desired atmosphere.


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