Creative And Unexpected Ways To Add Color To Your Home

Whether it’s on a pair of pillows, the floor, the ceiling, the walls or the back of a bookshelf, a splash of new colour can transform any space from boring to breathtaking.

A little bit of color in our lives and our homes can really make the difference. Vivid colours can lift our mood and set the tone of the home, while the more neutral and pastel ones are more calming and relaxing by nature. Whether you want to add small touch ups or want an explosion of new colours in your home, below you will find some creative, fun and easy ways that will add a little more colour to your home and life.

art your home

Add Some Colourful Artworks

To create a new and more welcoming home you don’t need an extensive collection of fine art, simply a few colourful artworks or photographs can do the job. Hanging colourful artworks on your walls will not only give your walls an instant pop of color, but it will also give another dimension to your room. A home truly looks and feels better when there is a nice touch of art hanging on the walls.

Create A Friendly Entry

Nothing is more welcoming than a friendly and warm entry. Your front door is the secret gate to your home and it needs to be one of the most attractive things that will appeal your guests. A dark door might highlight your sophisticated and elegant style, but a more vibrant colour will surely create a more warm and welcoming atmosphere. Painting your front door is extremely simple, Just go to the closest store, pick some new and more vivid colour and add a splash of joy and love to your home.

Paint The Inside Of Your Bookshelves

It is always good to have a neutral coloured walls, as this will allow you to play around with more colours. You can always add some colourful piece of furniture or something else that will pop up and add a whole new dimension to your home. If you yearn for a touch of colour, you can always do it by re-arranging or re-painting something. And, why not start with painting the inside of your bookshelves (or cabinets)?! You will save on buying new things and still make a big impact with minimal fuss.

Brighten Up Your Old Furniture

Revive your home by adding some freshness to your old side tables. Add some freshness by lacquering them in orange spice colour to give them new life. Add a soft orange coloured throw blanket on the sofa, place a nice bouquet of seasonal orange coloured flowers and cream coloured pillows.

Don’t Forget About The Flowers

When you’re trying to add color, but don’t want a dramatic change in your home, try adding just a small touch of colour through flowers in the room. The colours of the flowers you choose will help liven up the room and bring a warm feel to the space.


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