Color Me Happy: Use Color To Impact The Mood Of Your Home

More and more surveys have proved that colour can really impact our mood instantly. That’s why you must choose wisely when it comes to buying wallpapers for your home. Since they are the focal point in a room, they must consist of the colours that will lift your mood. For instance, if a red colour fills you with positive energy, then you might want to think about choosing wallpaper with lots of red colour motifs in it.

The easiest way to brighten your home is by choosing wallpaper by color. But before doing that, let me tell you more about the attributes of each color, and how they can impact the atmosphere of the room.

Red Colour

Red colour symbolizes power and energy and draws instant attention. If you want to perk up the room, be it hallway, living room or even kitchen, red wallpaper or a wallpaper with red motifs or pattern will add depth and artistic appeal as well. You can even use red wallpaper in a small room; being such powerful colour, red wallpaper will actually draw attention away from the size of the room. And not to mention that it will instantly infuse style, sophistication and personality.

red wallpaper

Orange Colour

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Top 5 Vanity Units

Decorating your home is always thrilling. Even adding one small tiny detail can lift your mood and make your dream for something more. My Mom has always said to me, dream, but work hard, and you’ll see how fast your dreams will come true. And she is right, I felt it on my skin. So folks, don’t be afraid to dream, as dreams really do come true.

In fact, the beauty of life lies in small things, and the beauty in your home lies in small details and wisely made choices.

When it comes to the bathroom, vanity units are of vital importance. They are the focal point in every bathroom, so they need to be carefully chosen. When it comes to this, online stores have a large selection of vanity units that can meet any personal taste and requirements. You just need to find the one according to your free space and personal preferences.

Speaking of which, I did a little bit of a leg work, and discover the most breath-taking vanity units on the market that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Above Counter Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Sink – Della Francesca

Above Counter Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Sink – Della Francesca

Refresh and make your bathroom like a luxurious 5 star hotel with this wonderful oval vanity unit. This is an extremely elegant and appealing ceramic above-countertop bench-top basin that is ideal addition to any bathroom because of its shape.

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