Color Me Happy: Use Color To Impact The Mood Of Your Home

More and more surveys have proved that colour can really impact our mood instantly. That’s why you must choose wisely when it comes to buying wallpapers for your home. Since they are the focal point in a room, they must consist of the colours that will lift your mood. For instance, if a red colour fills you with positive energy, then you might want to think about choosing wallpaper with lots of red colour motifs in it.

The easiest way to brighten your home is by choosing wallpaper by color. But before doing that, let me tell you more about the attributes of each color, and how they can impact the atmosphere of the room.

Red Colour

Red colour symbolizes power and energy and draws instant attention. If you want to perk up the room, be it hallway, living room or even kitchen, red wallpaper or a wallpaper with red motifs or pattern will add depth and artistic appeal as well. You can even use red wallpaper in a small room; being such powerful colour, red wallpaper will actually draw attention away from the size of the room. And not to mention that it will instantly infuse style, sophistication and personality.

red wallpaper

Orange Colour

Orange colour is a symbol of happiness, enjoyment and sociability. Since it’s joyful and warm, orange wallpapers will perfectly fit in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and kids rooms. But that is not all, orange wallpaper or one with orange details will illuminate even the smallest room in your home. Matched with brown, yellow, white and even green details, orange wallpapers will instantly brighten up even your small patio space, making it look larger than it is.

orange wallpaper

Violet Colour

Violet is the most commonly used colour in modern homes. It is a colour that instantly draws the eye of the viewer, stimulating his creativity and intuition. So if in the need to bring something new in your home without making a dramatic change of the overall home style, choose wallpaper by color – violet to be precise and show off your creativity and artistic ability.

violet wallpaper

Green Colour

If you want to add something fresh in your home, I suggest you to choose green wallpaper or one with lots of green details. Green wallpapers are all about evoking pleasant feelings, making you feel relaxed and calm. No other colour will fill you with positive vibes like the green one would. So don’t be afraid to choose wallpaper with green colour. They are perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, kids rooms and even living rooms when combined with white and yellowish colour.

green wallpaper

Yellow Colour

Even when talking about interior design, your home must radiates with positivism and good vibes. And there is no better way to that than by choosing a wallpaper with yellow colour details. Yellow is the color of brightness and optimism! It is a fact that yellow colour promotes creative, clear, thinking and decision making, which is a reason more why you need to implement it in your home.

yellow wallpaper

Well, these are my favourite colours for wallpapers. What are yours? Share in a comment!


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