Shade Sails Buying Guide

Having a well-arranged patio or deck is the most beautiful part of owning a house. Designing your patio to feel inviting and comfortable is essential, but to be covered in order to provide you with a high level of sun protection is maybe even more important. With all those models of shade sails available, it is easy to keep yourself away from the harmful sunny rays while also complementing the style of your patio.


Shade sails are definitely the most versatile solutions when it comes to cover your patio. They come in so many different designs and colours, and the best of all, it’s more than easy to find cheap shade sails online. They offer plenty of benefits. They are durable, easy to install and take down, add elegance to your patio, offer great protection and are the best cover choice for the extremely hot Australian weather. Here is our simple guide how to buy the right shade sail for your deck.

The brand

Make sure you choose shade sail from well-know brand or retailer. They always strive to offer the highest quality products to their customers, so you can be sure you are making the right deal. They may be a little more expensive compared to other shade sails, but not necessarily. There are retailers that offer cheap shade sails online without compromising on quality. Also quality shade come with a warranty, which is reason plus why to consider of buying a shade sail from trustworthy retailer.

The fabric

High-quality shade sails are made with different material compared to low quality options. Look for shade sails made of high polyethylene. This fabric offers much better protection from the sun and will makes you feel much cooler during your stay outside. A quality sail should be able to block at least 90% of the harmful UV rays, so any other shade sail that offer protection below this percent is not worth to consider.

The edges

Edges are the most sensitive parts of the shade sail and the place where the first damage happens, so it is important to pay a good attention to them when buying a shade sail. The edges can be layered with sturdy nylon or turned and sewn. When choosing between these two, consider the first one. They are a better choice because are able to handle stretching pretty well.

Rings and cables

Rings and cables are essential pieces, so you can attach the shade sail to the wall. The rings should be welded and high quality so they do not open anytime you stretch the sail. The same thing goes for the cables. A quality rings and cables should be able to stand the weight of the shade and the blowing of the wind.

Consider above-mentioned things so you can buy shade sail that will look great and will provide you with high sun protection in the long run.


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