Fire Pit Buying Guide

If you tend to spend more time outdoors then you definitely have to purchase the most suitable fire pit and to enjoy hours entertaining with your friends and/or family even when the weather is not on your side. When it comes to fire pits it is good to know that except they are the best heat source for your patio, deck or backyard, they also serve as a focal point for outdoor celebrations. Because the locations and the requirements of every homeowner are different so are styles and materials of this outdoor utility. If your goal is to buy cheap fire pit for your outdoor paradise we recommend you to take time and search through reputable online stores in order to compare quality, different styles and prices of fire pits.

Because the customers are always right, they surely deserve to be well informed before making the final purchase. We guide, you follow!

Determine the Location

This is the very first step you have to take; determine the location where you want to place the pit and make sure to place it on a solid base made of a non-flammable material such as stone, metal, tile or brick. Also, you have to take into account the room around the pit, it is good to be wide enough to prevent fire accidents to happen. Customers can choose between two different models, a permanent or a movable pit.

Fire Pit

Variety of Styles

The market offers numberless options, from a cheap fire pit to more expensive version. Homeowners mustn’t complain because they can easily find one of the many available on the market that will match the décor of their backyards.

The most popular nowadays are the ones that come with a big fire bowl and some square versions that resemble low tables because they are easy to maintain plus can be moved around easily. If you have a bigger space and you are looking for more stationery version choose from the vast range of so-called chimney fire pits that feature a bulbous body with a mouth opening at the front and a tall chimney to vent smoke upwards. Because this type comes with more complex design, their prices are quite expensive.

Material Plays a Significant Role

It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap fire pit or an expensive one, what matters is the range of materials you can choose from. Two of the most common and among the cheapest materials are steel and cast iron. If you decide to opt for these materials, you have to take a proper care because they can rust over time. Pits made of stainless steel are the best options because this material is weather-proof and rust-proof at the same time. Cooper stands for the most stylish options that is durable and rust-proof. The worst scenario that can happen to this material is that over time, it may fade and change colour, but once again people still consider it quite attractive. If you want a permanent version of fire pit, then tile and stone are to be considered.

Fuel Source

This outdoor utility come fueled by wood, propane, or natural gas. Wood is the top option and it’s the best one if your budget allows you to, because it burns slowly, produces a high degree of warmth and a pleasant smoke. Propane is the most expensive fuel option, it provides a clean, smokeless burn and a little heat. And finally, natural gas. Most of the fire pits use natural gas because it’s a great and cost-friendly option.


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