How To Find The Perfect Bedside Cabinets For Your Room


Each piece of furniture plays an important role in the atmosphere of a certain room. The design, the colour, the size all these are important matters when buying a furniture. When it comes to arranging a bedroom, we know that the bed has the main role and the focal point in the room. But, in order to make this living space even more stylish yet functional, you need few other essential furnishings such as wardrobe and bedside tables.

Even they are usually small in size, bedside tables have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the room. They will complement the existing decor and provide you with a great place to store your essentials, what makes them very practical and functional. With the wide array of bedside cabinets available on the market, buying the right piece may be a little bit confusing. According to experts, making the right choice is a matter of considering the design, features, and size. So if you want to find the right match, read our simple guide below.

Bedside tables are divided into three general categories: night table (small four legs table with minimal storage space), drawer night stand (comes with 2-3 rows of drawers) and bedside table that combines open storage with drawers. So, consider which type of bedside table will be most suitable for your needs. Once you determine the type, your next step is choosing the design.

Bedside tables are available to complement just any room décor from traditional to a contemporary one. If you can not find the same design as the other pieces in the room, then look for the bedside tables with similar material and colour. For example, if your bed is made of wood, then go with the bedside tables made of the same material in a similar tone.

Last but not least, the size of the bedside cabinets is important for a lot of reasons. The bedside table should fit comfortable at your bedside and fit the proportions of the other furniture pieces in the room. If you want so be sure you will purchase the right size, make measurements. First, measure the height. Make sure the cabinet will be a little bit taller than your mattress for better functionality. This way you will have bedside cabinets that are in good visual proportion to your bed and that are easy to reach from bed, whether laying down or sitting up.

The next measurement is the depth from the wall. When it comes to this measurement your bedside table should not go more than 45cm beyond the headboard, otherwise this furniture piece can easily become an obstacle when you get up in the middle of the night. Finally, measure for width. Measure the space between your bed and the other furniture pieces and determine the width. Make sure there will be enough free room so the bedside table will not block the usage of the other pieces.

All these are simple things, but if they are not considered well they have the power to break the whole atmosphere in your bedroom. Because of this, take your time, go through the range of different bedside cabinets and make a wiser choice.


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