An Eye for Beauty & Functionality: Outdoor Umbrella Types

A good outdoor umbrella is not only a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, but it will also help keep you cool during the hot days while protecting you from the harmful UV sun rays. If you are in the market for an umbrella for your outdoor space, it is important that you get familiar with the different types available so you can choose the ideal shape and style to fit your patio, deck, or any other outdoor location.


To find great deals on outdoor umbrella consider shopping online instead of the traditional brick and mortar stores. Online you will have a unique opportunity to do some preliminary research and window shopping before purchasing your outdoor umbrella. You will also be able to make a list of what you are looking for, what you can afford, and preferred companies before you venture out to your local store.

Outdoor Table Umbrellas

The most popular type of outdoor umbrella is a table umbrella. It is pretty much like an oversized rain umbrella that stays in the upright position and is fit in the center hole of an outdoor table. This type of umbrella provides a welcome shade for people sitting around the table allowing them to enjoy their drink and food on it. This type of umbrella also usually come with its own base to support themselves and avoid any undue stress on the table.

Off-Set Outdoor Umbrellas

Also called cantilever umbrella this type is supported by a pole and base on one side of the canopy instead of in the middle. An arm that is fixed to the base extends outwards to the location where shading is required, holding up the canopy. This type of umbrella is great for those looking to receive the benefits of shade without obstructing the middle of the table, and the view as well. One downside of this umbrella is that due to its design, it requires a hefty base to support the arcing arm and umbrella, making it difficult to move around.

Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas

Consider a sturdier and heavy-duty option, commercial outdoor umbrellas are often used by restaurants and hotels due to their commercial-grade features. The problem with this type of umbrella is that the choices of style available may be limited. But if your priority is functionality and not style this may be the right option for you.

Tilt Outdoor Umbrellas

These umbrellas feature an extra joint around three-quarters of the way up the pole, which allows the canopy to stay at an angle. If your outdoor space experiences a great amount of sunlight during the day, you will benefit from this design. All you will need to do is readjust the tilt of the umbrella to reclaim the shade as the sun moves around.


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