Artificial Turf: A Convenient Kind of Greenery

synthetic-grass-for-saleHaving a green and beautifully landscaped garden is a pleasure for everyone. There’s something particularly appealing in the perfectly green and gentle grass under your feet, complemented with different sized plants and suitable, outdoor furniture. You’ve been longing for and imagining your ideal garden for many years, haven’t you? Somehow, you’ve always been deterred from this wish of yours to have a green haven right there in your backyard, probably because of all the responsibilities that a nurtured garden brings.

Maintaining the greenery around the house is an ongoing, time-consuming process. Having many plants and flowers, small evergreen trees and a perfect lawn sounds great, but in the long run you can become pretty disappointed when you realize how much work it takes for the green to remain… green! Especially if you’re leading a busy lifestyle and want to spend your spare time enjoying under the sun instead of backbreaking around the house, you’ll simply be forced to throw away your expensive, once so delightfully green plants, as they wither one by one.

Don’t be discouraged, as there is a way for you to now have the garden of your dreams – by installing artificial turf! And you won’t have to worry whether your work-related responsibilities will leave you enough time to take care of the lawn, because artificial greenery doesn’t require any special attention – just sit down and enjoy the view. Although at first it may seem impossible for synthetic grass to look as natural, and to feel as nice as real grass, but once you learn about all the positive features of faux grass, you’ll be amazed.

Synthetic turf can be used everywhere: in your backyard, on the patio behind the house or on the rooftop garden. It attracts no bees or other insects, and it requires no mowing or trimming, no watering, no fertilizers or pesticides, i.e. no maintenance bills! What is more, you’ll get the looks of a real grass on areas that are inhospitable for growing the genuine type of grass. Your lawn is going to be green and appealing all year-round, and you’ll have more time to attend the plants that do need a bit of attention.

When it comes to artificial turf, you usually get what you pay for. As faux grass comes in a wide range of quality and prices, the more natural it looks, the pricier it is. But even if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality, since nowadays, there are some artificial products that are both realistic (and hard wearing) and affordable. Choose wisely and before making the final decision, check whether the synthetic grass of your choosing has a holed latex backing for drainage and whether it has a soft, non-abrasive texture as the real grass. If installed properly, it is almost impossible to tell the faux grass apart from the real one, so sit back and relax in your “freshly mown” lawn.


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