Bath Towels: The Magic of Egyptian Cotton

When I was a student and I had to buy towels or bed linen for my room, a cotton was, well, just a cotton until I became a mum. Now, when I’m a mum of two I know how important it is choosing the right cotton (be it for clothes, bed linen, towels, bathrobes, etc.) in order to feel comfortable, and let your body breathe. Well, here’s the moment when Egyptian cotton steps in. Over the past three centuries, Egyptian cotton is known as the best one in the whole world as it is soft, strong, and durable, and leaning on it was the smartest decision I could ever make.
While on the look for the ideal Egyptian cotton bed linen, bath mat or bath towels online is the way to go because of the large selection of types you can find, the affordable prices, as well as the convention of having them delivered right in front of your door. Continue reading