Bath Towels: The Magic of Egyptian Cotton

When I was a student and I had to buy towels or bed linen for my room, a cotton was, well, just a cotton until I became a mum. Now, when I’m a mum of two I know how important it is choosing the right cotton (be it for clothes, bed linen, towels, bathrobes, etc.) in order to feel comfortable, and let your body breathe. Well, here’s the moment when Egyptian cotton steps in. Over the past three centuries, Egyptian cotton is known as the best one in the whole world as it is soft, strong, and durable, and leaning on it was the smartest decision I could ever make.
While on the look for the ideal Egyptian cotton bed linen, bath mat or bath towels online is the way to go because of the large selection of types you can find, the affordable prices, as well as the convention of having them delivered right in front of your door.

When a towel is made of Egyptian cotton, the first and most important benefit is that it offers incredible softness that can be felt by only touching the fabric. If you go to a store and compare Egyptian cotton with another cotton, you will clearly see the difference.
Besides its softness, Egyptian cotton towels are super absorbent, breathable, and warm. Egyptian-grown cotton is well-known for its ability to create extra large fibres that enables to create the finest of yarns without even sacrificing the yarn’s strength. When talking about the strength of the fibre, you must know that exactly this is what makes the fabric more durable and resistant to washings. And since it has an extraordinary ability to absorb liquids, Egyptian cotton fabrics have brighter and resistant colours that won’t fade after several machine washings.


Another important reason why choosing Egyptian cotton is the right thing to do is the way it is picked. Egyptian cotton is hand picked which is a guarantee of its high purity and soft level. Hand picking doesn’t put any stress on the cotton’s fibres (exactly the opposite of mechanical picking) leaving them straight and intact.
If the cotton you have chosen is 100% Egyptian cotton, this means that the fabric will stay as smooth as the first day without forming any “surface balling” after repeated machine washings. All these things are just some of the many reasons that make Egyptian cotton the best cotton in the whole world, so far.

Bottom line, fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are finer, softer, and last longer than any other type of cotton available on the market, so the next time when looking for bed linen of bath towels online, do not hesitate and turn to the best Egyptian cotton fabric.


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