Bamboo: A Dreamy Bedding Choice

Bamboo was used to make clothing in the Asian countries a long time ago. When cotton and polyester showed up, bamboo clothing was forgotten. But, these days it’s making a comeback, as all great things do. People have started recognising the qualities of bamboo bedding and clothing. They posses some of the qualities that we desperately search for. It is a highly versatile textile that can come in many forms. It doesn’t stop just at bedding, the reasons that I have listed below explain why bamboo is the better option for bedding. But, they are applied for all bamboo products.

The most important qualities that we look for in bedding is that they are soft and smooth. A bamboo fiber blanket has both of those qualities. It’s all in the way that they are made, they feel like they are silk and even fine cashmere. Basically, bamboo bedding has all the greatest qualities of different materials combined into one amazing material.

It doesn’t just stop with bamboo blankets being just soft and smooth, they are also very durable. It will last you a long time, as it won’t get tears so easily. Plus, bamboo sheets and blankets are resistant to stains. Even after you will be using them for such a long time, your blankets will still look like they are new.


For those that have allergies and are looking for the perfect bedding that they can sleep comfortably in, bamboo is the material you have looked for. Bamboo as a plant is antibacterial and hypo-allergenic, and even after it is made a textile it retains those properties. You will be protected from those little germs, while comfortably sleeping in your bamboo fiber blanket.

If you are pregnant, going through a menopause or just experience a lot of sweating throughout the night, you will appreciate the temperature regulating properties of bamboo blankets. They will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Plus, they are a breathable fabric and your skin will feel much better than before.

This reason is for all of those that still doubt the bamboo fiber blanket. They are eco-friendly and made through organic processes. But, that’s not all. They are only made from those species of bamboo that the pandas refuse to eat. So, you won’t have to worry if a panda is not going to eat today because of your amazing bedding.


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