Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Support Pillows – the Right Solution to Manage Lower Back Pain When Sitting

Lumbar Roll Pillow
Is immobile the new normal? Has back pain become as common as a yawn?

Many of us today have lifestyles which demand we spend hours and hours sitting in one position, which somewhat renders typing and tapping one’s feet the only physical activities. Today, almost every office job is related to having to sit in front of a computer for a prolonged period of time. The most common problem caused by this type of jobs is chronic back pain. And there’s no denying back pain is occurring more often now regardless of one’s age. Yes, the digital era dawned with many perks, but also many drawbacks, especially for our backs.

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A Living Room is to Amaze! – Join in the Craze

Summer is almost over and as we prepare for colder weather we crave for something warm and homey. The truth is that during autumn and winter we look forward to spending more time in our cosy living room, drinking hot chocolate near the fire or curling up under the blanket with a nice book. Creating a comfortable and relaxed ambience doesn’t require a lot of work. In fact, with a few homey touches and a bit of inspiration you can easily transform your home into a cosy paradise ready for relaxing during the colder days to come. Continue reading