A Living Room is to Amaze! – Join in the Craze

Summer is almost over and as we prepare for colder weather we crave for something warm and homey. The truth is that during autumn and winter we look forward to spending more time in our cosy living room, drinking hot chocolate near the fire or curling up under the blanket with a nice book. Creating a comfortable and relaxed ambience doesn’t require a lot of work. In fact, with a few homey touches and a bit of inspiration you can easily transform your home into a cosy paradise ready for relaxing during the colder days to come.

In my opinion, every house would look and feel more beautiful and inviting with elements that bring a touch of cosy comfort, regardless of the season. For instance, the living room as one of the most used areas for both lounging and entertainment simply calls for a comfortable yet stylish design. When trying to add more homey touches to yours the trick is to find that balance between cosy and functional. You wouldn’t want your room to be filed with cosy elements that only serve as decorations and nothing else. Here are a few ideas on how you can create a more homey and cosy ambience without compromising on function and style.

A seating area perfect for lounging and snuggling
The focal point of the living room is usually the seating area and you can add warmth and comfort to yours with just a few simple items such as throws and pillows. Avoid those cheap blankets made from synthetic materials that can trigger allergies and irritate the skin, instead opt for eco friendly throws made from natural materials that are very soft and snuggle. To add a splash of colour to the space you can choose one fluffy pillow in a vibrant hue like opal blue or red for each armchair and place two or there eco friendly throws in the same colour on the sofa.


Warm light to set the mood
If there is one element that can instantly change the ambience of the room that would definitely have to be the lighting. Warm, soft lights are ideal for giving the living room a cosy and relaxing mood. To get the effect of soft, cosy lighting try placing a few floor lamps in the corners of the room. These would not only create a wonderful lighting design, but add a touch of elegance and style to the space. You can also add dimmers to your lights and lamps to easily change their light output according to your needs.

Add elements that bring back wonderful memories
Nothing makes a room feel cosy and intimate as objects that have sentimental value. Including small touches of personal décor can enhance the visual appeal of the interior design and best of all bring back happy memories. For instance, you can hang your favourite family photos on the wall in colourful frames or place small Polaroids capturing fun moments with your friends on the side table.


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