Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Support Pillows – the Right Solution to Manage Lower Back Pain When Sitting

Lumbar Roll Pillow
Is immobile the new normal? Has back pain become as common as a yawn?

Many of us today have lifestyles which demand we spend hours and hours sitting in one position, which somewhat renders typing and tapping one’s feet the only physical activities. Today, almost every office job is related to having to sit in front of a computer for a prolonged period of time. The most common problem caused by this type of jobs is chronic back pain. And there’s no denying back pain is occurring more often now regardless of one’s age. Yes, the digital era dawned with many perks, but also many drawbacks, especially for our backs.

Companies usually do not invest in ergonomic office chairs and consequently, back pain becomes a part of the deal one is to accept. During the first few working hours, the level of discomfort may not be as high, however later on the soreness and pain increase significantly. Now we may not be able to change the eight hours concept completely, but there are a few modifications which could minimize the damaging impact on one’s body.

The simplest, most obvious help would be to increase the number of short breaks or if that is not possible, we could try to commit to some simple exercises which can be done while sitting and can make for better circulation and relive some of the muscle tension. These exercises are in fact something we naturally do when overwhelmed by pain and joint stiffness, such as stretching or moving the upper body left and right while the lower part of the torso and the legs remain immobile and also making slow circular movements with the feet.

Apart from frequent short breaks and some simple exercises, many health professionals recommend lumbar support pillows. No matter how good at multitasking one is, it sure is hard to maintain proper posture while sitting and having to actively solve problems and be completely engaged mentally. Well, this is where lumbar support pillows come into play since they are the right kind of support that prevents slouching and makes sure you don’t have to spend too much energy on remaining in the perfect position that causes the least amount of stress to the muscles.

When it comes to choosing the right type of lumbar support pillow, health experts recommend avoiding those that are too voluminous since they can cause more discomfort rather than help alleviate back pain. Lumbar support pillows made with injected moulded foam for instance provide great support without being too bulky.


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