French Provincial Furniture

Designing the Perfect Family Nest

Starting a family is one of the most beautiful periods in one’s life and it means a new beginning and new challenges are ahead. The idea of bringing a new life onto this world may be frightening at first, but it’s such a rewarding and wonderful feeling that all the worries are wiped out once you hold your little one in your hands. A few months ago I found out I was pregnant and I couldn’t be happier. My husband and I are married for three years now and we spent the first year travelling and just enjoying in romantic moment together. The next year was time to focus on the career, but at the start of our third year together, we started talking about expanding our family. We were ready for the next step and when I told my husband the beautiful news he was thrilled.

With the little family member on the way we started to make plans about moving house. We lived in a studio apartment that was big enough for just the two of us, but too small for raising a family. So, we began searching for the perfect family home where our little one could have a happy childhood. After spending a whole month looking at different properties, we finally found the ideal house located in a quite and friendly neighbourhood. We moved into our new home within a few weeks and immediately started planning the overall design of the house. The house came with a modern kitchen, so we didn’t change anything there. We already had comfy and chic furniture pieces for the bedroom. So, the priority was the nursery and we quickly found everything that we needed including a spacious crib, a small cradle and a rocking chair. These were all the things we really needed for the time being.

Living Room Furniture

But, the biggest challenge in the designing the home was the living room. It’s a large, open plan area that provides lots of floor space for creative and comfy furnishing. Since, my husband didn’t have time to come furniture shopping with me, yet we still wanted to choose the pieces together, we decided to buy living room furniture online. It’s much more convenient and the delivery of the pieces is usually done within a week or two, which is pretty fast. We’ve always wanted a Hampton style living room that would reflect charming elegance and comfort and bring in a touch of luxury to the home. We begin looking for Hampton style furniture and the pieces we found online were all gorgeous. I’m someone who appreciates the calming vibes and airy feel that a white colour pallet can lend to a room.

I wanted to buy living room furniture online that would have that polished white look and wonderfully showcase the charming elegance of the Hamptons lifestyle. After comparing different models of Hampton style furniture, we finally decide to get a light blue sofa and pair it with a few rattan chairs for the perfect seating area. No living room is complete without a coffee table, therefore we got one in a crisp white colour and I spiced up its chic design with a charming tea pot and a few other décor pieces. My husband loves reading mystery novels, so a bookcase was a must to complete the design of the living room. Since we had a lot of space to work with, we actually got two white bookcases large enough for all the books we have. I decorated them with a few stylish details that beautifully complemented their sophisticated design. With the living room all furnished the interior design or our family home is completed and everything is ready for us to welcome out little one in our warm and happy family nest.


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