Tips on Lighting Up Your Stairway the Stylish Way

Giving your stairway a stylish and functional lighting design is a great way to enhance safety and infuse your living space with a pleasant and inviting glow. This can also make the staircase a focal feature of your hallway or a specific and enhance the beauty of your interior design. The truth is that any kind of home lighting should have a dual purpose- add function and complement the design scheme of the home. When it comes to the best stair lights Australia retailers offer a variety of options, from florescent to halogen lights. But, the most popular choice are LED lights simply because they’re energy-efficient, last a lot longer and contain no chemicals so are safe to use in the home and won’t harm the environment.

LEDs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose the right ones for creating a lovely and inviting lighting design that will highlight the elegance of your stairway. It’s important to plan ahead and think about things such as design, colour and the desired effect you want to achieve. There are no specific rules when it comes to staircase lighting and the different LED stair lights Australia shops have on offer are designed to provide different effects. Some can deliver a subtle and relaxing glow, while others can add drama with bright and colourful illumination. After you’ve decided what lighting effects would best suit the design of your stairway, next it’s time to decide about the location of the lights. Do you want them to be installed on the steps or maybe they would best work behind the step?

Tread lights are often installed on steps to give them that glamorous runway look. Riser lighting are also a popular choice and are often used to light up the central area of the stairway. You can also install lights on the wall right next to the staircase to give the whole area a nice illumination. For this the ideal choice are wall lights, which can be installed to be flush with the wall. Lights under the staircase have a magical and unique effect and are commonly used for floating staircases that have no riser between the stairs. Round of square LED lights on each side of the step would deliver bright illumination and add a touch of elegance and style to your home. Wherever you choose to install your lights the only thing that mattes after all is for you to be satisfied with the final results and the lighting design to add the desired dose of function and elegance. So get creative and give your staircase the attention it deserves with a chic and pleasant glow.


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