Designing a Unique and Futuristic Home with LED Lighting Strips

Want to light up your home in a way that looks cool, unique and futuristic, all while highlighting the best features of your interior design? Well, Led lighting strips may be just the thing you’re looking for. Designed to be thin, flexible and very practical, LED strips can be installed in places where standard bulbs can’t, like in drawers, under tables and cabinets and in shelves. But what exactly is a Led strip and how it works? This type of light is made up of a self-adhesive tape and substrate on to which the small LED bulbs are placed. Due to its flexible and durable design, this advanced light can be used both indoors and outside.LedLightingStrips

What makes Led lighting strips so flexible and versatile is their ability to produce different levels of brightness in an array of dazzling colours. Furthermore, they’re very easy to install and completely customizable, which means you can cut them to perfectly suit the size of application where you plan to install them. Depending on the number of LEDs they feature, lighting strips can serve as both ambient and accent lighting. Those that produce bright and clear illumination can also be used as practical task lights. When set up properly LED strips can instantly transform the look of your living space and help you give every room the desired ambience. It’s important to mention that Led lighting strips should be installed on a dry and clean surface and can only be cut at specific cut points that are marked along the length of the strip.

Let’s see how LED strips can be used in different areas of the home. As the heart of the home, the living room is usually the place where all the design magic happens, therefore here LED strips are often used as décor lights that highlight the elegant design of furniture and decorations. For instance, you can make your glass coffee table much more unique by placing lighting strips along the sides of the tabletop. You can also enhance the beautiful design of your shelves by installing colourful strips inside them. There are indeed many creative way you can change the look of your living room with these chic and cool lights.

As the most intimate area ion the home, the bedroom should reflect a comfortable and relaxing ambience and just by installing LED strips that cast a soft warm glow you can make a beautiful and dreamy personal retreat ready for spending romantic moments with your partner. Give your bed frame a magical glow, light up your wardrobe with colourful lights, or illuminate the edges of the ceiling, the customizable strips are ideal for giving your bedroom a wonderful lighting design. Another area where LED strips can make a significant change in both design and mood is the bathroom. They are often installed around mirrors and above sinks to enhance the overall design of the bathroom.


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