Rectangular Hot Tub

Waving Back Pain Goodbye from a Hot Tub

Being well aware of all the negative effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle, I try to be active as much as possible. However, sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a days is what my work day looks like and being in a seated position for that long can take its toll on health, no matter how often my husband and I go running or exercise at home. Coming home with a headache and back pain has become a normal thing. My husband, in particular is the one who is often complaining of nagging and sharp pain in the back and neck and my massages often give him some pain relief, but the next day when he comes home from work the aches are even more intense. He works in the construction industry, so operating heavy machinery and lifting big objects have caused significant damage to his posture. I can’t say that my situation is any better since long hours sitting at the desk and good posture and not exactly things that go hand in hand.

In addition to some simple home exercise and massages, we started looking for other ways that can provide back pain relief and relax our tensed bodies. We searched for remedies online, asked friends and colleges for help and bought a tone of health magazines. Two months ago our good friend Mike introduced us to the therapeutic treatment of hydrotherapy that has helped him solve his issues with lower back pain. I searched online about the effects of this treatment and found out that it has some amazing benefits for people with back problems, sore muscles and arthritis. Hydrotherapy is based on the healing powers of water and includes a variety of exercises done in warm water. Hot tubs are the ideal place to experience the healing effects of this treatment. So, my husband and I decided to get a hot tub and improve our overall well-being with hydrotherapy.

We have a large backyard most of which we don’t use, so I wonder why the idea of getting a hot tub hasn’t crossed my mind earlier. We went for a rectangular hot tub with high flow swim jets and high performance pumps. It features separate areas from swimming and hydrotherapy treatment and comes with advanced options that allow us to adjust the temperature and the jests exactly to our liking. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our rectangular hot tub. It has become our favourite spot for relaxation and exercise. We use the tub at least three times a week and on the ‘spa days’ as we like to call them, as soon as I come home from work I like to put on some relaxing music, arrange a few candles in the yard and dive into the tub to enjoy a soothing spa session that instantly puts my body and mind at ease.

Aside from helping us get rid of back pain and stress, the hot tub has spiced up our sex life as well. At the weekend my husband picks out a delicious red wine, while I fill in the tub, light up some aromatic candles and play our sexy playlist. With that the scene is set for a romantic night of passion and tender love making. Ah the bliss and joy of having a hot tub at home.


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