Venetians Blinds

Venetians Blinds: Block the Light and Bring a Soft Polish to the Room

Sliding glass doors and large windows provide a wonderful view and serve as a stylish and practical feature of the modern home, but they can also be very difficult to dress up. These large features of the home require a lot of attention and planning when choosing the right window treatment to cover them properly. Window treatments such as curtains and drapes might look gorgeous, but they are certainly not designed for covering glass doors and big windows simply because they often can’t provide the desired level of privacy and have more of a decorative purpose. You would want something that can enhance the functionality and wonderful design of your windows, while at the same time provide great light control and privacy.

With their elegant yet practical design that allows for excellent light control, Venetians blinds are a popular solution for dressing up wide windows and sliding doors. These blinds can be adjusted to completely block out sunlight and provide full privacy, or let in lots of natural light that can give your home a bright and airy feel. Venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats that can can easily be adjusted to control the level of privacy and light in your home. They can also be custom made to fit perfectly the size of your windows and doors.

While some types of blinds come with rails and headings and can be complicated to fit within the window frame, with Venetian blinds you won’t have this problem. They don’t include complicated rails or cord, therefore are very easy to install and you can even take care of the entire installation process by yourself. Another great thing about these modern and practical blinds is their ability to compliment any interior design. Available in a wide range of materials, from sleek aluminium to durable timber and faux-wood, you can easily find the right Venetians blinds that will best compliment your design scheme.

Wooden blinds will look great in homes with a rustic or traditional interior design, while aluminium models with their simple yet chic design will best suit a more modern home setting. While other window treatments such as curtains and cellular shades can often be the main accumulators of dust and dirt in the house and require a lot of maintenance to stay clean, Venetians don’t require a lot of care and cleaning to maintain a gorgeous clean look. Make sure you wipe them at least once a week with a wet cloth and they will beautify your living space for years to come.


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