Hall Tree: Clutter Solved, Aesthetics Twofold

The entryway of our homes is supposed to be a welcoming environment. But the lack of storage in this area can make it anything but inviting for you or your guests. If coats, hats, umbrellas, shoes, purses, and backpacks find themselves in a disorganized nesting spot just right at the entry door of your home, you need a solution that not only looks good but also makes easy to keep the area organized.

A hall tree is a perfect solution to store your stuff and keep your entryway clutter-free. A hall tree offers a place for basically everything, including shoes, jackets, school supplies, etc. And considering the fact that this furniture is also decorative and stylish, it helps create a positive first impression for guests and visitors. With a variety of materials, colours and styles, it is certain to find a hall tree in line with your personal design preferences.

Choosing the Right Hall Tree

A number of factors influence the type of hall tree to get but space is the main one to consider. A hall tree should have proportions to suit the space where it will be located. The furniture should not be too big that it overwhelms a space, particularly in narrow hallways. At the same time, it should provide enough space for the members of your family.

Your personal style preferences is another factor that will influence your decision. Hall trees are available in a range of designs and styles with a range of configurations. The material and finish of the piece are also other determining factors, as well as the price of the piece.

Traditional hall trees feature heritage, rustic or antique decorative elements, and designs. They are typically made from wood and hooks and prongs usually have pronounced scrolls and curves. Modern hall trees feature contemporary and refined lines and can have thought-provoking decorative elements. While most hall tree pieces are made from wood, there are also pieces made from metal and metal alloys (iron, brass, nickel, and bronze) with polished or antique finishes. When it comes to storage options, a hall tree can have a single large space or compartment design featuring handy shelving, cubbies, and baskets.

Once you find the right hall tree for your home you will see how convenient this piece is to keep shoes, hats, coats and other clutter out of sight but still easy to reach. Practical and attractive, a hall tree will also provide a comfortable seat in your entryway to remove footwear.


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