Buying a Home Sauna with a Bag Full of Knowledge

Shopping for a home sauna is no easy task. At first glance, most sauna brands look similar to each other and all of them claim to sell the best home sauna available on the market. You, of course, want to make sure your investment is the best choice possible, but after checking out websites and different home sauna retailers, you seem to be confused and really don’t know where to get started. Continue reading


Bath Towels: The Magic of Egyptian Cotton

When I was a student and I had to buy towels or bed linen for my room, a cotton was, well, just a cotton until I became a mum. Now, when I’m a mum of two I know how important it is choosing the right cotton (be it for clothes, bed linen, towels, bathrobes, etc.) in order to feel comfortable, and let your body breathe. Well, here’s the moment when Egyptian cotton steps in. Over the past three centuries, Egyptian cotton is known as the best one in the whole world as it is soft, strong, and durable, and leaning on it was the smartest decision I could ever make.
While on the look for the ideal Egyptian cotton bed linen, bath mat or bath towels online is the way to go because of the large selection of types you can find, the affordable prices, as well as the convention of having them delivered right in front of your door. Continue reading

Shower Cubicles

How to Choose Shower Cubicle

Millions of Aussies love to start the day with a shower – a recent survey report that on average we take 50 times more shower than baths. That means, for many households a convenient and comfortable showering space is an essential feature.

With so many shower cubicle models available out there, choosing the right enclosure for you can be trick. Take a look at our handy guide on everything you need to know about buying a shower cubicle and find the perfect model for you and your bathroom.

Count the Walls

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, so good planning is important to help you make the most of your space. Take a look at the layout of your windows, sanitary ware and other obstacles to find out which wall you can use to be the basis of your enclosure. What you should keep in mind is that it’s easy to install shower pipes into a stud wall rather than a brick wall.

Corner (2 Walls Needed)

The following shower cubicles are specifically designed for corner spaces.

Corner Shower Cubicles

  • Quadrant – This type of cubicle features a curved front and takes less floor-space than a square shaped one. You should know that some people find an 800mm quadrant showering area a little small, so we recommend you to choose a 900mm if you have the space in your bathroom.
  • Offset Quad – This type of cubicle features one side longer than the other, which add extra space inside your enclosure.
  • Corner Entry – A square-shaped cubicle that features two sliding doors in the corner that glide back and allow access to the enclosure. If you are looking for an 800mm cubicle, than this can be a better choice than a quadrant as it provides a larger bathing space.

Recessed (3 Walls Needed)

If you have three walls that are close together, then a recessed installation can be a good option for you since it simply involves installing a shower door straight across the front to create the enclosure. The most common types of shower door on the market are:

Recessed Shower Cubicles

  • Hinge – A popular style of door that features hinges on one side and opens out fully into the bathroom. However, this door requires more space in front of the cubicle than the other styles.
  • Pivot – A door that features a pivot mechanism that makes the recede slightly into the cubicle as they open. That means a less-floor space is needed because the mechanism causes less of the door to emerging out into the room.
  • Slider – A great space-saving option since it does not impact on the room when opened. The downside of these doors is that they are only manufactured in 1000mm sizes and larger (to ensure the opening is wide enough for comfortable access). That means they are not an option for recesses that are less than a meter wide.
  • Bi-Fold – Another good space saver as the door stays completely within the cubicle as well as the water.
  • Inline – Featuring a static glass panel that is installed alongside, this door type is suitable for wider installations.

Top 5 Vanity Units

Decorating your home is always thrilling. Even adding one small tiny detail can lift your mood and make your dream for something more. My Mom has always said to me, dream, but work hard, and you’ll see how fast your dreams will come true. And she is right, I felt it on my skin. So folks, don’t be afraid to dream, as dreams really do come true.

In fact, the beauty of life lies in small things, and the beauty in your home lies in small details and wisely made choices.

When it comes to the bathroom, vanity units are of vital importance. They are the focal point in every bathroom, so they need to be carefully chosen. When it comes to this, online stores have a large selection of vanity units that can meet any personal taste and requirements. You just need to find the one according to your free space and personal preferences.

Speaking of which, I did a little bit of a leg work, and discover the most breath-taking vanity units on the market that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Above Counter Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Sink – Della Francesca

Above Counter Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Sink – Della Francesca

Refresh and make your bathroom like a luxurious 5 star hotel with this wonderful oval vanity unit. This is an extremely elegant and appealing ceramic above-countertop bench-top basin that is ideal addition to any bathroom because of its shape.

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